10 Easy Fundraising Ideas from an Entrepreneur


There are many great ways to raise a little money, whether it is for charity, for a school project, or in some cases for startup capital. People love causes, as long as the donor can get behind whatever the cause is. Here are ten very easy fundraising ideas that can help jumpstart a campaign.

  1. Weekend Rummage Sale

One of the most underused fundraising campaigns is the rummage, garage, or yard sale. They allow people to come in and bid how much they want to pay, even if there is a price on it. When adding a cause to the sale, people are more willing to pay a little more.

  1. Online auctions

If the fundraising committee can get a hold of a few items of notoriety, then an online auction will take off. Couple the one item with a few other small items and watch people did like crazy. For some reason people just want to outbid the next guy and the competition is on.

  1. The Wristband Phenomenon

There was and still is a craze that hit not to long ago where everyone wore the silicone wristbands “WWJD”, the phrase caught like wildfire. People love a good phrase, but it was the wristband that made is so mobile. Wristbands are economical, easy to wear, but send a message to those wearing it and those who see them.

  1. The Chocolate Tradition

Chocolate is always the most convenient and easy fundraiser to do. There are many brands and many flavors that are a part of the chocolate confectionary. People will always love chocolate.

  1. Neighborhood Book Sales

As those old books pile up in the basement or in the attic, they begin to corrode. The only thing is that there are book collectors’ who are willing to take those books and give them love and kindness. Book sales do generally well in suburban areas.

  1. Sure Fire Bake Sales

It is easy to get a few local moms or dads to fire up the stove and donate baked goods for public consumption during a bake sale. This is a time where local chefs try out new recipes and in the meanwhile help a local cause make some much needed cash.

  1. Biking For Charity

If the charity is one that has a health theme around it, the best way to promote awareness and help to raise funds for it, is with an event that speaks health and wellness. Biking is a great event fundraiser for people living in areas that have lots of open space and fresh air.

  1. The Walk/Run

Getting people to do something healthy is one thing, but to stamp a cause on it makes it more attractive. The motivation is always high for participants of the walk/run events. There is also a great community atmosphere created during the event.

  1. Talent Show/Stage Show

Everyone wants to be an actor or singer on the inside; this is why people are fascinated with Hollywood. This fundraiser gives them a chance to showcase their talent and donate to a good cause.

  1. Carnival Kings

This event is quite expensive to mobilize, but if it is done right local fairs and carnivals can bring in quite a few dollars in fundraising dollars.

Image by Jon Ashcroft