10 Keys to Becoming an Organized Entrepreneur

Whether you are starting or growing your business you have to manage many things. We have to provide exceptional service to our clients, manage our home, stay fit and manage to find time in our schedule to have fun.

Following are keys that have helped me live a balance life. It is not always easy but I work hard to discipline myself to have control over my space, time and life and it not control me. To not overwhelm myself I focus on one area at a time and I suggest you do the same. Currently I am focusing on my health and making sure I exercise, drink more water and eat more fruit. Focusing on this goal will give me the energy I need to focus on another goal which is to increase my speaking engagements which will require travel.

1) Plan Quite Time and Time To Be Alone

Set aside time daily to read, pray and meditate    Don’t allow anyone to interrupt your quiet time

2) Take Care Of Your Body

Exercise several times a week    Eat right daily Get enough rest nightly    Discover healthy way to reduce stress

3) Write Your Vision-Wake up with a purpose

Do you want to advance or make changes in your business, family or ministry?

Have a business plan and develop a life plan and a personal mission statement    Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals Make Your Goals and Vision Visible

4) Take Back Control Of Your Time -Important to learn how to manage our time

Attempting to do too much, leaving things unfinished and not sticking to our schedules, interruptions.

Plan your day and schedule time for yourself    Learn to say no instead of attempting to do everything for everybody    Ask yourself what are some of the things I am doing that waste time (TV, Phone, Meetings)    Learn To Delegate Overcome Procrastination-Breaking projects down.

Quick Tips

Establish a place for your keys    Lay clothes out the night before Pack your purse, tote, briefcase the night before

5) Create An Organized Office-People spend over 150 hours per year looking for misplaced information.

Store equipment used regularly within reach    Organize information in binders clearly labels   Use technology and equipment to save time and money    Straighten you desk at the end of the day.

6) Create An Organized Home-80% of the stuff we keep we never reference again

Closet-Get rid of clothes you no longer wear

Kitchen-Organized recipes, coupons and eliminate duplicates

Basement/Attic/Garage-Organize items clearly labeled in containers

Living Room-get rid of magazine and shred junk mail

7 Conquering The Paper Piles In Your Home  amp; Office


Develop a system to organize paperwork and files    Develop a system to organize project related documents    Organize Your Receipts and Statements Monthly Organize All Of Your Tax Information and Organize Yearly    Get Rid Of The Clutter In Your Briefcase, Tote Bags and Purse


Keep it simple and easy to understand and easily accessible to family members    Create a file to keep track of important documents and information. File tax and financial information together    Group like information together (auto, bank, charities, home maintenance, manuals, utilities) Contact your lawyer and financial advisor to set guidelines for a family retention schedule.

Quick Tips

Get off mailing list    Open mail by the wastebasket    Don’t buy magazines you do not have time to read.    Discard Coupons that have expired Discard manuals to equipment you no longer own

8) Establish Supportive Relationships To Help You Succeed

Advisory Board    Mentor Business/Life Coach

9) Stay Motivated

Listen to tapes and read books

10) Enjoy Life

Do something fun