Aleksandr Vasser – Selling A Home: How A Real Estate Professional Can Help

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Many people think that selling a home can be relatively easy, and that a real estate agent simply shows prospective buyers what is for sale. But a real estate agent offers much more than those simple services and can be the key to a safe and successful home sale. This is a guest post by the other Avky Inc co-founder, Aleksandr Vasser. Aleksandr Vasser lives in booming Phoenix, Arizona.

Aleksandr Vasser – Experience and Knowledge

Real estate professionals generally have the experience and knowledge necessary to guide a seller through the home sale process. In order to become a real estate agent or broker in the United States a person must take approved education courses and pass a state approved exam. When real estate knowledge is combined with several years or more of experience a real estate professional can provide a genuine advantage in today’s market.

Preparing the House

Prior to listing a house for sale, a real estate agent can provide the seller with invaluable tips that will help sell the house quickly. The agent will point out everything that needs to be done, from furniture arrangement to minor repairs. Everything suggested by the agent is aimed at helping to sell the house at a certain price within a specific time period.


Showing a house to prospective buyers can be a scary prospect. Homeowners do not need to be present when strangers come through the house, as it is the job of the real estate agent to screen potential buyers and only allow those who are qualified or with other agents to view the home. Real estate agents also ensure that the seller has put all valuables, medications and important papers in a secure location to avoid theft of any kind.

Contract Negotiations

When an offer to purchase is received, a real estate agent will present the offer to the seller, regardless of the amount. It then becomes the responsibility of the agent to help negotiate the contract to the seller’s satisfaction. This includes negotiating items such as window treatments, appliances, closing date, home warranties, home inspection repair requests and the ultimate sale price. If not handled properly, any one of these negotiating points could become a lost sale.

Mortgage Approvals

The real estate agent will communicate closely with the buyer’s agent to make sure that the home appraisal is scheduled, land surveys have been done, the mortgage is approved and everything is being processed. If the mortgage is denied the contract usually becomes void.

Closing on the House

In most cases the real estate agent will be present for the actual purchase of the house, also called the closing. This includes the final walk through with the buyers as well as giving the house keys to the buyer’s agent. Sometimes the real estate agent will also deliver any monies due to the seller from the attorney’s office.

Choosing an Agent

It may be difficult to decide which agent to choose when selling a home. The important things to remember are to first check to be sure the agent has an active license, then talk to others who have worked with this agent in the past. But most important, be sure that the agent is someone that is friendly, easy to work with and has an honest work ethic.

Aleksandr Vasser can be reached for questions on Twitter at @aleksandrvass1.