Buy Low, Sell High Real Estate DVD: A Scam That Taught Me How to Make Thousands


I see every night on the television an infomercial. And on this infomercial it claims that I should be making thousands of dollars a day working part time from my house. Meanwhile I’m writing articles for an online content company for maybe $3 an article. I wish for once I had the expendible cash to try one of those scams.

Well guess what, I do. I won’t mention any names or systems but I will say this. I ended up paying $300 for a dvd that told me to buy low and sell high with real estate. What a freakin’ bargain. I would have actually felt better if I had gotten an envelope with a note inside that said “get a job dumb ass”, however I received a dvd full of lies and false claims. But as I said, I do have some money to burn just to check this out.


So I took $15k USD bought a crappy house in a crappy neighborhood just like the DVD said. Spent about another $15k USD fixing it up and when it was all said and done I had a 30,615.21 investment. I remember waking up one morning and saying to myself “you have no brain”. I followed the dvd’s instructions carefully on the real estate agent policy. It said DO NOT HIRE AN AGENT. I sold the house on my own. Sort of. I held on to this property for about 6 months too long and when it was all said and done I made a whopping (drum roll please) $-2,522.77 (yes that includes the $300 for the stupid dvd).


In summation to make thousands of dollars a day, go to college, get a job, pay back the thousands you owe from that. And when its 20 years later, market a dvd that tells people not to play leapfrog with a unicorn and buy ad time on late night television. Thank you, Goodnight.