Real Estate in Gramarcy Park , Manhattan


Gramarcy Park is on the East side of Manhattan, just south of Murray Hill and north of Greenwich Village. Chelsea and the Garment District are on the West and Stuyvesant Town on the East. There are mostly pre war buildings, and historic brownstones, with some new buildings being constructed. Gramarcy is one Manhattan neighborhood that has one thing you will not find in many parts of Manhattan, and that is a private park, which only the residents have a key too. By, law it must be opened to the public once and year or it will loose its private status, but for the rest of the year, it is locked up tight. Gramarcy Park is just a walk from the clubs and art galleries of Greenwich Village, and a short trip to the north to the business district if Midtown Manhattan and the Theater District.

Third Avenue is the major shopping area, as it is for its entire length, from north to south.


The most expensive real estate are converted lofts, which are now penthouses and if you have a view of the park, that adds up to. In Gramarcy Park, the prices can change depending on the street. The further away you are from the Midtown Tunnel, the more you are likely to pay.


Take a look at what is available today. Very rarely will you find one of the brownstones for sale, so your option is condo or co op. First, establish what your budget is, including utilities and monthly fees. Then you can being your search, which should begin with a trip to the neighborhood you are considering. Spend a day there and see if it feels right, if the stores and restaurants are what you want, the location is convenient for you and whatever you think is important. Some people want a lot of green space, to others it does not matter.


Then start looking at the real estate. There is a wide range of choices and prices in Gramarcy Park. Take a look at as much as you can in your price range. Make note of the sq. footage as well as the number of rooms. When you find the one that feels like home, you will know it. It will be the one you don’t want to leave.


A studio Condo $359,000

A studio Condo $1,369,000


A one Bedroom Condo $410,000

A one Bedroom Condo $1,400,000

A Two-Bedroom 2 Bath Condo $985,000

A Two-Bedroom 2.5 Bath Condo $6,100,000

A Three-Bedroom 2 Bath Condo $1,000,000


A Three-Bedroom 4 Bath Condo $16,995,000


A Four-Bedroom 3.5 Bath Condo $16,000,000


A studio Co-op $280,000

A studio 2 Bath Co-op $2,595,000

A one bedroom Co-op $359,000

A one Bedroom Co-op $1,595,000

A 2-Bedroom Co-op $575,000


A Two-Bedroom 2 Bath Co-op $6,000,000

A three Bedroom 3 Bath Co-op $1,695,000

A Three-Bedroom 2.5 Bath Co-op $12,000,000

A Four-Bedroom 3 Bath Co-op $1,400,000

A 4-Bedroom 3.5 Bath Co-op $16,000,000