Real Estate in the Rockaway, Queens


The Rockaways was once the summer playground for all of Queens. With miles of sandy beach and the amusement parks, the largest one Rockaway’s Playland at Beach 98th Street, The Rockaways had everything a summer resort should have. Ever since the amusement parks closed in the 1980’s, the Rockaways have gone through a lot of ups and downs. The real estate is now on the up side. The beaches are still crowded during the summer, but the Rockaways became one of the forgotten places as far as development goes. There were plans to put high rise buildings on the grounds of the old park, but the sub soil turned out to be to sandy to support large buildings, so the plan went by the wayside and none of the subsequent idea ever came to fruition. The neighborhoods to the west of Rockaway Park were always mostly year round residential and did not depend on the summer trade, but the neighborhoods to the east suffered.

Since the early 2000’s there has been new real estate construction, especially in Arverne and the neighborhoods are making a comeback. There are still some of the best prices in real estate in Queens to be found in the Rockaways and if some of the development plans for the beach front actually do happen, the Rockaways could once again become the tourist attraction of Queens.


The main access to the Rockaways is the Cross Bay Bridge. The Marine Parkway/Gil Hodges Bridge is further west and connects to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn and from there it is a short drive to the Kings Plaza Shopping Mall and go all the way to the east through Far Rockaway, you come out in Nassau County. The A train will take you all the way into Manhattan or you can change to the J or M along the way, whichever is the fastest route for you.


The Rockways are not for everyone. You really have to love the beach and not only in the summer. There is something to be said about walking the old boardwalk in the winter with on one else around and just watching the ocean.


Jacob Riis Park, Gateway Preserve and Fort Tilden offer some green spaces for a change from the beach. `


As for real estate in the Rockaways, Queens, there are more options to the east. The highest prices are in the neighborhoods to the west, from Bell Harbor to Breezy Point, where there are private beaches.


Take a day to come to Rockaway when the beaches are open and see just what it is all about. It does not take long to drive the length of the peninsula and it is just a few blocks wide in most places.


Take a look at these samples of what is available today in Rockaway. They are at the high and low end of the scale and there are choices in between, with most of the real estate available from Arverne to Far Rockaway.


Rockaway Park

Rockaway Park is right over the Cross Bay Bridge and the site of the former Rockaway’s Playland

Beach 118th Street A one Bedroom Co-op $275,000

A Two-Bedroom 3 Bath Condo $575,000 right on the beach

A Three-Bedroom 3 Bath Condo $595,000 right on the beach


Belle Harbor

Belle Harbor has more one family houses than Rockaway Park is. It is further west and on the ocean side of the peninsula.

A four-bedroom one family home for $780,000

A large two family, right on the beach, $2,350,000


A four bedroom, plus maid’s room one family detached home $3,500,000


Far Rockaway

A one bedroom co op for $60,000

A three-bedroom bungalow for $250,000

A three bedroom detached colonial for $360,000

A three story 10 room colonial for $700,000


A three-bedroom semi attached house for $319,000

A three-bedroom bungalow for $360,000

A 6 over 6 two family new construction $700,000.