Timing the Real Estate Market Perfectly


Timing is everything when making the decision to sell your real estate. Some people think the season should be your main consideration, but in reality it is just one of many. Before you jump in with both feet, realize that the longer your house sits on the market, the less value it will bring. A house on the market for a long time sends red flags into potential buyers’ minds. Make sure you choose your timing carefully when putting your real estate on the market.

The Season for Real Estate

Since most people think season is the largest concern of real estate timing, we will begin there. The season to begin listing your house on the market is extremely important. Most real estate sales happen during the spring and summer months. The boom usually starts around May and continues through September. It is easier for people to move during the warmer summer months. No one likes to move everything they own from one house to another. It’s even more stressful when you add freezing, snowy weather. Also, families that have children try to move during the summer break so as not to interrupt the school year.


How Construction Effects Real Estate

Getting to and from your house will be very important for potential buyers. If you have heavy road construction and busy detours, it is wise to wait until those projects have been completed. Likewise, if you know there is a construction project on the horizon, try to get your house sold before that time. Potential real estate buyers will remember everything about their experience viewing your house. If there was anything negative, it will overshadow most of the positives.


Comparable Real Estate

If you know your neighbor is going to sell his/her house around the same time yours will be on the market, take note. Usually houses on the same block or street are of comparable value and size. This could either be a great selling point for your house, or a horrible real estate disaster. Make sure you price your house accordingly. For instance, when we put our old house on the market, we found out our neighbor was going to list his at the same time. We asked him what he was asking and listed our house for $10K less. Our house looked like a steal next to his. Usually, the lowest priced real estate turns out smelling like a rose.


We sold our house about 6 months ago. It was on the market for 2 days and had 3 potential buyer viewings. Out of those 3 viewings, we had 2 bidders that got into a bidding war. We ended up selling our real estate for more than we had it listed. Believe me when I say, timing is everything! The house was listed in Early September, there was no construction or loud noises around our house, and our neighbors had houses of comparable value listed for much more money. We simply blew them out of the water. Before you decide to list your real estate during the winter, or when everyone else on your block is doing the same, beware. Timing may mean the difference between an agreeable real estate sale and one that leaves you frowning.